Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not Gone....

Hello All,

I am not gone, I have just focused my energies into other things.  I will no longer be posting on my blog.  Honestly, it wasn't all that interesting and it isn't much fun to write when no one reads.  I am too busy with other things that interest me to do this anymore. So long!


Nathan and Bonnie said...

Bummer. I will miss your blog and your thoughts about this and that. I guess I will have to be your real-life friend now to hear what is up with you. BTW, cross country ends this weekend. Let's get the party started asap.....which includes date nights!

Michelle said...

I can understand why. You don't really NEED to write like you might have after Austin died. I'm so glad you did then, though. It helped me a lot to go through that time "with" you and to know that we share the same faith.
I will miss your blog, since that has been my only way to "see" you! FB friend me? pretty please?